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[Milbro][MIL17LGEPELTRAP] 17cm Target Holder-Pellet Catcher-1 [Final]
[Milbro][MIL17LGEPELTRAP] 17cm Target Holder-Pellet Catcher-2 [Final]
[Milbro][MIL17LGEPELTRAP] 17cm Target Holder-Pellet Catcher-3 [Final]

17cm Airgun Target Holder & Pellet Catcher

Made using heavy-duty, steel, this great value Pellet Catcher and 17cm Target holder is great target and plinking for for use with lead pellet firing airguns.

This robust wall mountable, hanging or free standing metal pellet catcher and 17cm target holder is ideal for garden plinkers of accuracy hounds alike. Features an angled back panel designed to help deflect pellets down in the catcher and reduce richocets.

Fits any paper or card 17cm target (sold seperately) comfortably.


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