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[Umarex][58187] DX17 Spring Air Pistol-1 [Final][Opti]
[Umarex][58187] DX17 Spring Air Pistol-2 [Final][Opti]

Umarex DX17 Dual Xtreme Air Pistol [.177] Steel BB/Pellet

Dual Xtreme DX17 spring powered air pistol from Umarex. Fires either .177 calibre lead pellet ammunition or can hold up to 15 (4.5mm/.177) steel bbs.

The DX 17 is extremely fun and easy to use.

It's perfect for short range plinking fun and utilises both pellet and BB .177 (4.5mm) ammo. 

Fetaures a easy to aim fibre optic sight and an under barrel picatinny rail for rail mounted aiming devices.

Simple to load, cock and fire the DX17 from Umarex is exceptional value for money and great first rung on the airgun ladder for anyone starting out that doesn't want to spend a fortune.

This smooth bore barrel air pistol gives you great short range accuracy (but please remember the pellet/bb can travel much further, Umarex estimates the DX17 can be dangerous up to 250m-always ensure you are shooting against a suitable backdrop.) The DX17 comes with a manual safety and a very simple single action trigger.

Barrel Length: 71mm

Overall Length: 238mm

Weight: 439g

18 CertTextwhite

Platoon Stores would always recommend the use of eye protection with this product and ask that you are aware of and follow all current legislation concerning the safe use and storage of airgun. Enjoy responsibly.

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UK LAW: All Sales of Air Rifles and Pistols must be completed 'Face-to-Face' with accompanying Photgraphic ID. 

We are unable to post any airgun, firearm or silencer, these products may be purchased online, but must be completed face-to-face in store or at another Registered Firearms Dealer (upon request.) 

You must also have Photographic ID with full UK address or in the case of passports, must be accompanied by a statement, bill or governemnt issued document which has your current address. Goods will not be released without proof of identity. 



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