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Predator Headlamp [Green]

The Predator headlamp is a a great, beginners head torch with both white and red lighting modes and comfortable elasticated camouflage head band.

Kombat Tactical have designed a reliable and affordable head lamp for a wide range of uses and users. 

Powered by x3 AAA batteries and features 3 lighting modes and upto 110hrs runtime from the 3w CREE LED.

Cree LED's are known for their superior brightness and performance making them ideal for use in this rugged essential head torch.

Lighting modes include:

  • White - Ultra Bright
  • White - Bright
  • Red -  for maintaing stealth and natural night vision

The Red LED is vast improvement on head torches with sliding filters that until now mean you had a pinkish tinge light rather than a crisp red, this quailty red LED also means you have no danger of any white light spilling out and compromising yours or your teams natural night vision or compromise your position and stealth.

The Predator also features an adjustable angle positioning built into the mount so you can position the beam as required.


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