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[Whitby]RK15-R] Rescue Cutter [Red]-1 [Final][Opti]
[Whitby]RK15-R] Rescue Cutter [Red]-2 [Final][Opti]

Whitby Rescue Cutter [Red]

Getting yourself, a teammate, a family member or maybe just a random stranger out of a jam on possibly the worst day of their lives maybe something to prepare for, a response bag with this Rescue Cutter in red from Whitby is a great choice for combating such a scenario.

This excellent recuse cutter in high visibility red is the perfect tool for first responders and outdoor enthusiasts.

The serated hooked blade will make light work of heavy duty nylon strapping like seat belts or safety straps.

Easy and safe to use, the back of the blade is covered by the robust moulded plastic one piece handle.

Comes with a moulded plastic sheath with attachment clip on the reverse, perfect for attaching to a belt, utility vest or some safety/life vests.

   18 CertTextwhite

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