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[Kombat UK][UL1585-3PS] Triple Throwing Knife Set-1 [Final]
[Kombat UK][UL1585-3PS] Triple Throwing Knife Set-2 [Final]

Triple Throwing Knife Set

A great quality deluxe set of three throwing knives for any budding knife thrower looking to practice and develop some skill.

This set features three distinctively different throwing knives, gives you a chance to develope your skills with their differing shapes and perfect the art of sticking the blade in your wooden target. The set comes with a single sheath with three slots that fit each knife..

    • ● Blade length: 13cm (5.11")
    • ● Overall length: 23cm (9")

Please take note: knife throwing is a skill, a dangerous one if not done carefully, with safety in mind at all times. When using any throwing knife make sure have plenty of safe space around you, with a good solid target with back drop and you are always aware of your surroundings and the safety of you and those around you. 


   18 CertTextwhite

For more information and legislation on Knives in the UK please go to:


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