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[Whitby][WP2M] Nylon Belt Pouch [Medium][Black]-1 [Final]
[Whitby][WP2M] Nylon Belt Pouch [Medium][Black]-2 [Final]

Nylon Belt Pouch [Medium]

Need a replacement belt sheath for your multi-tool or knife?

This affordable medium size, black, nylon belt pouch is the perfect replacement or alternative pouch for any outdoorsman or craftsman with a need to keep his essential tools close to hand.

Medium size (3.75 inch) black nylon belt pouch with sturdy 2.5 inch belt loop to accomodate some of the larger duty belts.

This smart pouch features a velcro closure tab to keep your essential tools safe and secure when not required in your hand. 

Compatible with a wide variety of 'pocket' knives and multi-tools.


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