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[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-2 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-1 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-3 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-4 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-5 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-6 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-7 [Final]
[Cannae][CPG-BP-LEGELT-CO] Legion Elite [Coyote]-8 [Final]

Cannae Legion Elite [Coyote Tan]

Legion Elite??????? What????

How can you make the Legion pack from Cannae any better?... You're nuts!!! Can't be done... I know we all think exactly the same, BUT! They did it!

Make it a bit wider, add a 9x6" side pouch for some extra mag carrying capacity and a helmet carry open compression pouch and effectively give you a mini Phalanx pack....and they did it! Legion Elite.

So why would I need to upgrade or discount the original Legion from my pack selection?

Honestly, you might not need to, the Legion still rocks, but you may need something a bit more mission or environment specific. If I was in the emergency service search and rescue business then having a helmet carrier might be that added essential feature I need.

If I was a Police Firearms/Counter Terror badass, carrying extra easy access ammo and helmet carrier and might need a slightly wider pack thats comfortable and keeps me maneuverable.

If I was an ultimate outdoorsman and global adventurer, climber, cannoer or cyclist then this will tick all the boxes for compact, durable and flexible bag that will cover me for essential and comfortable equipment carry.

So upgrading to the Elite, is that for you? You tell us and let us help get you hands on with right pack.

Like the Legion, the Legion Elite is a 21 litre daypack, but unlike the Legion, the elite has a 4 inch wider body (15.5")  with easy access and secure fastenings. Both 4 exterior compression and tie-downs straps and reliable YKK zips are there for secure closure and to reduce excess space or sag in the bag when not being run at full capacity or keeping your contents secure when packed to its limits. The clam shell opening main compartment gives you fast and easy access and removes the need to go rumaging to the bottom of the bag to get what you need in high pressure situations. 

Capable of carrying your tactical or safety helmet with compression straps for a secure carry  or to secure something else you might need fast secure access to (waterproof jacket is just one idea.)

An easy tuck away "no-chafe" waist belt helps you to secure your pack to your torso especially when speedy and more dynamic body movement is required.

Other great features include the protective laptop/tablet compartment, two internal tie-down straps and an exterior back zipper compartment which can comfortably house a 2 litre hydration bladder (sold seperately) or as a concealed carry compartment.

Just as tough as the Legion, the Elite is a rugged day sack  with lots of potential for mission specific adaption and expansion.

You will see the  quick access side pocket perfect for storing water bottles, extra magazines and other critical gear you may need to get to in a hurry and also a 6" x 9" zip close side pouch just like on the big brother Phalanx pack which can hold 4 extra M4 mags.  The Elite day sack also features front and side molle loops for compatible pouches, molle mounting sheaths for tools and fast access pouches that you may want to configure to meet your requirements.

Finishing touches to Legion include a large velcro panel for ID or morale patches and an exterior earphone port if you want to listen to tunes, talk hands free or being a bit more professional and serious run your comms gear without getting tangled up in wires. .

Dimensions: [H] 19.5"/59.5cm x [W] 15.5"/39.3cm x [D] 6"/15.2cm

Weight: 2.9lbs / 1.3kgs

Find out more about this fantastic Cannae pack by visiting our store for a full demonstration and get hands (and shoulders) on with the Legion Elite Day Sack.


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