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[Nuprol][6901-GRN] XL Speedloader [Green]-1 [Final]
[Nuprol][6901-GRN] XL Speedloader [Green]-2 [Final]
[Nuprol][6901-GRN] XL Speedloader [Green]-3 [Final]

Nuprol XL Speedloader [470rds] Green

Translucent green 470rd capacity m4 magazine style speed loader for mid-cap, low-cap and pistol magazines.

Can also be used to load reusable BB firing gas grenades, launcher shells and other compatible BB firing devices.

A great choice for keeping your tracer BBs in so you don't get them confused with your regular ammo.

Simple to use and easy to carry, Nuprol's M4 Magazine style speed loader fits with any traditional M4 magazine pouches on your assault vests or battle belts so can be easily carried out onto the battlefield and allow you to reload your magazine or BB fireing devices under pressure.

Made with robust smoke plastic allowing you to see what the level of ammo is you have left to stay in the fight.

This speed loader features a lock close plunger and a built in adapter for magazines with specific feed lips that may be incompatible with the standard spout.


In Green.



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