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[Nuprol][6900-GRN] Pistol Speedloader [Green]-1 [Final]
[Nuprol][6900-GRN] Pistol Speedloader [Green]-2 [Final]

Nuprol Pistol Speedloader [Green]

Keep your pistol magazines topped up and ready for action with a fantastic, affordable pistol magazine style speed loader.

Made from robust translucent green plastic.

Why use a different colour speed loader to my normal black or clear one? This high contrast translucent green pistol speed loader is easy to find amongst you kit in low light conditions and can also be used to store and organise different ammunition (especially tracer bbs) and make it easy to find and deploy under pressure of a fire fight. 

Nuprol's pistol speed loader  holds approximately 90 bbs maxing it perfect for GBB and AEP pistol magazines and fits comfortably into most pistol magazine pouches.

Can also be used to load low and mid-cap rifle magazines and gas propelled BB firing shower grenades.


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