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Airsoft Innovations MASTER MIKE Grenade

The Master Mike, 40mm medium range grenade.
Ready to ship.

Check out the newest awesome, reusable airsoft grenade in existance. the Master Mike from Airsoft Innovations is a gas powered BB firing grenade....nothing new there? Until you look deeper!

The Master Mike is designed with Airsoft Inovations patent pending Quantum Drive (not it won't time travel) a powerful way of launching 100bbs (every last one) at 200fps with a wider spread and lower FPS than its big brother the 40 MIke but still in only 1/3rd of a second!

The MASTER MIKE is made from CNC machined and heavy weight cast metal components and is very tough but is shorter than the 40MIke so fits a lot more launchers!

Easy to reset and reuse the Master MIKE is designed for use with propane or green gas (DO NOT USE HPA, Co2 or Nuprol 3.0 or 4.0 to power this grenade.) 

A fantastic feature that comes included with the both the Master Mike and 40 MIKE is a safety cover which can be easily slipped over the trigger and prevents firing when not in use (a must for the Safe Zone.)

Also comes with a bottle of AI medium 30wt silicone grenade oil for maintaing your shell and a Limited run morale patch with velcro backing and don't forget the all important user manual (PLEASE READ BEFORE USE.)


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