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[ASG][19079] Mesh Metal Mask [Black]-1 [Final][Opti]
[ASG][19079] Mesh Metal Mask [Black]-2 [Final][Opti]
[ASG][19079] Mesh Metal Mask [Black]-3 [Final][Opti]

ASG Metal Mesh Mask with Cheek Pad [Black]

Fantastic comfort and superior protection.

A combination of black metal mesh mask with durable black nylon cheek pieces designed to cover the lower face.

Fully adjustable with both upper and lower elasticated straps with a retention webbing insert designed to keep the straps in place on your head.

ASG's excellent metal and nylon mesh mask is a great way to protect your lower face from BB strikes and other debris coming your way on the airsoft battlefield.

The soft padded nylon sides of the mask follow the contours of the and face and provide protection without getting in the way of a rifle stock and allowing you to get down onto your scope or iron sights for the best aim possible.

Combine this great mask with your favourite eye protection for safe, fun time on the skirmishfield without the need for a dentist visit on Monday.


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