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[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-005] Striker Flash Hider-2 [Final]
[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-005] Striker Flash Hider-1 [Final]
[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-005] Striker Flash Hider-3 [Final]

Ares Amoeba Striker Flash Hider

A fantastic alternative flash hider for the Ares Amoeba Striker bolt action sniper rifle.

Designed specifically for the Ares Amoeba Striker, this fantastic metal alternative flash hider simply screws on in place of the standard thread prtoector on the barrel.

Give your Striker a fantastic look on the skirmish field or in the safe zone (where people are more likely to see it if you are playing right :D )


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