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[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-ADPT-001] Flash Hider Adapter-1 [Final]
[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-ADPT-001] Flash Hider Adapter-2 [Final]
[Ares Amoeba][AS-FH-ADPT-001] Flash Hider Adapter-3 [Final]

Ares Amoeba Striker Flash Hider Adapter

Customise your Ares Amoeba Striker with this simple threaded adapter.

Add any 14mm CCW threaded barrel accessory to your striker.

If you want to add an alternative barrel accessory to the standard Ares Amoeba Striker dummy suppressor to your Ares Striker (long or short) like maybe a tracer unit, or a different look/length dummy suppressor, then this simple adapter will convert the barrel thread to a 14mm CCW.


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