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[Earmor][M52-KEN] Military Adapter PTT (with Finger Button) for Kenwood-1 [Final]
[Earmor][M52-KEN] Military Adapter PTT (with Finger Button) for Kenwood-2 [Final]
[Earmor][M52-KEN] Military Adapter PTT (with Finger Button) for Kenwood-3 [Final]

Earmor Military PTT for Kenwood (with finger Button)

Earmor's military style PTT (Push To Talk) adapter for their radio headsets.

with finger button.

This adapter connects to a Kenwood and Baofeng radio handset.

This military style PTT adapter features a kenwood and Baofeng 2 pin connector and and has a military standard headset input compatible with our Earmor Hear protection ear muff with boom mic and our helmet mountable Earmor hearing protection ear muf with boom mic.

This adapter also comes with a secondary small PTT button with velcro attachment which can be connected to slings or clothing in place that is comfortable to you.

This product is intended for airsoft/combat gaming use.

 Top Tip: Airsoft radio use - Dead Men Tell No Tales! don't be one of those players that uses their radio to cheat and give their team an advantage when you've already been hit, keep within the spirit of the game and don't make it harder for players that do use radio properly or sites may stop allowing you to use them.


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