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WE EU Series Hop Up Unit

Complete replacement hop unit including adjustment wheel and hop rubber for WE EU series gas blowback airsoft pistols.

Broken hop units can be a real kick in the junk, especially when you have a great pistol like a WE EU(insert model number here-I have a soft spot for the EU range), well panic no more (unless we've sold out...sorry if we have) because we have complete replacement unit from WE.

Contains parts (from exploded diagram): G-34, G-35, G-37, G-40, G-41, G-42

We recommend this product is only fitted by experieced or qualified airsoft technicians. Incorrect installation could lead to damage or failure not covered by the warranty.

Platoon Stores offers a fitting/upgrade/downgrade/maintence service for most airsoft rifles, to have this product fitted please contact us for more details.


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