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[Aim-O][AO-5310-BK] 4x32 ACOG Scope-1 [Final][Opti]
[Aim-O][AO-5310-BK] 4x32 ACOG Scope-2 [Final][Opti]

Aim-O ACOG 4x32 Scope [Black]

Magnified ACOG scope for airsoft rifles.

This ACOG scope is a great addition to any airsoft rifle, and can really give you an edge on the battlefield. If you're thinking about taking on a designated marksman role, an ACOG is a fantastic choice; its 4x magnification mean you can positively identify targets from medium to long range, and engage them before they even know where you are. 

Attaches to any picatinny/weaver RIS.


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