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Super Light [12g] 21 grams 7-1/2 (Plastic Wad)

Super Light - High Velocity Cartridges
● 12 Gauge
● 21 grams
● 7 1/2 Lead Shot with Plastic wadding
● 2 1/2 inch (65mm) chamber length
● 1350 fps

Like the name suggests Super Light from Lyalvale Express is  21 gram super lightweight, 7 1/2 lead shot with plastic wadding, a great high velocity, ultra-low recoil clay busting cartridge. A great choice for beginners to the sport, juniors or those shooters with a slighter frame.

This cartridge you may find is a much more comfortable to shoot and does not compromise on velocity or shot size. Super Light cartridges have a quick-burning progressive powder for a lightening quick cartridge.

Super Light cartridges are also great for days when you may be shooting an extreme amount of cartridges, 400-1000 cartridges in a day may take it's toll on even the most experienced shooters' shoulder, 21gram Super Light cartridges with their ultra low recoil may be the solution.

Never used Lyalvale Express English Sporter ? why not give it a try today?

Buy either a single box of 25 to test it out or for those already convinced and know great performance it gives dusting clays we also have 250 (10 box), 500 (20 box) and 1000 (40 box) rates available bringing the cost down the more you buy.

All cartidges listed on our website are for information purposes, we will not dispatch cartridges by courier and all sales must be completed face to face in store. We require you to bring your original shotgun certificate upon collection, copies or photos will not be accepted and goods will not be released without a valid UK Section 2 shotgun certificate.


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