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[WE Airsoft][1004] EU17 Gen 4 [Tan]-1 [Final]
[WE Airsoft][1004] EU17 Gen 4 [Tan]-2 [Final]
[WE Airsoft][1004] EU17 Gen 4 [Tan]-3 [Final]

WE EU17 Gen 4 [Tan]

The same great EU17 performance with a cool combat tan and black finish.

This semi auto firing gas blowback pistol from WE Airsoft Europe is a great airsoft pistol and a fantastic sidearm for the battlefield.

To buy this product you must be a member of an Airsoft Club in the UK.

Please provide us with your unique site membership number (issued by your Club/Site) along with the Name and contact details of the club if they are not a UKARA registered site.

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Now this Gen 4 version of the ouststanding EU17 is available in this great looking contrasting tan polymer lower and black metal topslide.

Based around the iconic Glock 17 used by special forces, conventional military and law enforcement across the globe, the EU17 lives up to that classic look and feel with outstanding durability and consistancy perfect for airsoft skirmishing.

Yes, there are lots of Glock's being used in airsoft, but, there is a few reasons for that. Firstly, they work, secondly, they don't have a complicated safety or magazine release catches, you can simply draw from your holster, take out the bad enemy and return to holster. In my opinion its the most sensible and professional airsoft pistol available today. Another reason playewrs love EU17's is the outstanding 25 BB capacity magazine, so you wont be reloading every two minutes and the EU mag also has a consistent gas flow. 

  • ■ 25rd double stacking moagazine (one supplied)
  • ■ Threaded metal outer barrel
  • ■ Adjustable Hop Up
  • ■ 310 fps (approx) with Nuprol 2.0 (using 0.20g)
  • ■ Overall Length: 200mm
  • ■ Weight: 500g

For the best performance in this airosft pistol we recommend the use of Nuprol 2.0 gas or for colder environments and during winter use Nuprol 3.0. 

EU17 is compatible with a variety of WE EU magazines including:

  •  EU17/18 25rd Standard Magazine
  • EU17/18 50rd Extended Magazine
  • EU17/18 25rd Co2 Magazine


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